Production has become a hugely important and dynamic area nowadays where all types of mediums become available in a digital format and within reach, and this area requires a professional production with a whole new set of skills, novelty and experience.
M7 Media provides cinematic, television, media and photographic production services through a complete package of key and sub-services to suit producers, staff and filmmakers, to ensure a convenient and feasible, seamless and successful working experience, in terms of planning, implementation and cost.

Pre - Production

Pre-production is prior to the process of production where include planning, developing and structuring ideas, is the phase that sets the overall vision of the project. Although there is a general sequence of steps to Pre-production, but those steps are often overlapping or enmeshed...

Technical Equipment

The brilliant idea, the excellent script and even the good team are not enough alone to perform the work professionally, but...

Shooting Location

Finding the right shooting location may be a major challenge in media industry, it has to be ideal, perfect and imaginary to suit a typical work...

Intro Filmmaking

Producing a gallant intro film needs to be a mix of visual artistry, emotional intensity and artistic creative style.
M7 Media has all the Experience needed to bring ideas to life, magnetize audience irrespective of platform, device or venue, creating high quality imagery, while upholding the highest production standards. M7 Works for different types of intro films, be it AD Film, Corporate Films, Corporate Videos, Promotional Films, Promos, Show Open, Presentation Films or others, M7 is the creative production partner in all genres.

Crew & Team Provision

Whether it is a small or huge project, a single-person crew or large-scale productions, our services are tailored to your needs … it is the efficiency that characterizes our work, the flexibility that strengthens our actions and the credibility and reliability in securing and managing the right crew that works in harmony way...

Post Production

Post Production is the third and final phase in film creation after pre-production and production phases. It is a generally linear process for the tasks that must be completed or executed after the filming or shooting ends, it encompasses...

Establishing TV channels

M7 provides channels establishment services according to the specified concept and budget, through a number of actions:
  - Finding the site, the building and securing the necessary licenses.
  - Providing technical and administrative staff.
  - Training and qualification of cadres.
  - Providing required decoration with full technical and administrative facilities.
  - Ensuring the equipment of studios of all kinds.
  - Technical and information consultations.
  - Design and implementation of the identity of the channel.

Production Consulting

Today, media landscape offers unprecedented opportunities to connect with customers. However, within this ability and capability, it carry some processes and procedures that may go beyond the best marketers. M7 provides strategic consulting services at all stages of production, “from the first raw word written on paper, until the last cut word said by director”, which help clients manage their production, finance, distribution and capitalizing on the ever-evolving media market, making their investments more efficient and more effective.

Other Services

Production requirements vary according to the type of work to be performed, and therefore the need for many secondary services is needed, but even, it remains important to carry out the work in an integrated manner...