Pre Production
Pre-production is prior to the process of production where include planning, developing and structuring ideas, is the phase that sets the overall vision of the project. Although there is a general sequence of steps to Pre-production, but those steps are often overlapping or enmeshed, and it is normal for the various steps to be revisited more than once.
Pre-Production include but not limited to the following procces: Researching, Story Building, Concept Refinement, Pitch, Synopsis Writing and preparing the production crew.


Researching and finding relevant useful materials, is a powerful way to define the project concept, it contributes developing a range of creative options for each narrative beat and set piece.
At M7 Media, we use different methods to conceive of research papers: brainstorming, concept mapping, free writing, what, why and where questions … etc. We start the process of research by refining the topic into strong research questions that lead to reveal the depth of the idea and to generate a guiding light for the project that will helps making creative decisions later on.

Storyboard Building

Storyboard helps to know what each scene will look like ahead of time which helps in fleshing out the scene concept: the angles, shots, composition, locations’ show and different transitions that will be used whilst editing the scenes together. It will also show the sequence of how everything should be done, and have everything sorted out for filming the scenes.
M7 strives to save time and money for clients through building the storyboard and pre-visualizing the work and answer the questions; M7 puts the visual plan that will guide the rest of production.

Concept Refinement

Concept Refinement allows refining ideas from the concept and defining the correct methods to carry out the project's messages to the target audience. It allows the writer to frame out the basic actions and to plot the structure of the project before going deeps in scenes, by writing one paragraph for each major narrative beat.
Even pro writing has room for refinement; M7 provides its clients with refinement service in a way that affects the overall result of the project and contributes to ensuring that the project is implemented efficiently and aesthetically.


Usually it is starts with a pitch (basically a PowerPoint or a concise verbal presentation of an idea). Whether the purpose will be presenting an idea to a production company, or for approaching agents, managers, financiers or investors, or even to get the best crew possible; a professional pitch is an essential tool for attracting industry professionals and for a project start-up.
M7 helps engaging presentations and crafting Pitch through combination of well-prepared content, slide designs, and making it more remarkable by applying an effective tips on the presentation.

Script Writing

Filming’s projects often begin with an idea or inspiration, script is the only tool that capture and address this idea and worded it through an effective plan that can bring the influence to the target audiences. Script in fact, is what guides and frames the work; it gives the way to discover all the fantastic features that will helped the project go viral over millions.
M7 takes the highest professional standards through its services, in presenting a balanced and coherent script in the Narrative Beat points on which the storyline is based.


Synopsys is intended to summarize all phases of the scenario, events and characters in an indirect and non-dialogue manner to an intellectual scheme or a good basic idea within one to three pages.
M7 offers its clients the Synopsis drafting technique in a manner that secures interconnection between all elements of the scenario and a way that is expressed by both: picture and a word.

Production Schedule

Production or shooting schedule is essential tool to make any kind of judgment call on whether shooting project is going according to plan and to manage the time expectations of stakeholders. It is a one-stop-shop for all your production questions and concerns, which should be updated regularly.
M7 offers a professional shooting schedule that fits the requirements and carry out work smoothly by tracking the following main points:
- Location
- Scene & shot
- Equipment
- Crew & people needed
- Contact info
- Date and time