Shooting Location
Finding the right shooting location may be a major challenge in media industry, it has to be ideal, perfect and imaginary to suit a typical work ... So if you can imagine it; we can find it.
With unequalled experience in organising shoots and location in Turkey, M7 sservices are featured in all types of productions, with a comprehensive and variant requirements can be supplied based on the type of project and its needs, including but not limited to: permissions (governmental agencies’ permits, decisions and laws), locations searching, location management, transportation (including production van if needed), accommodation, catering, and many others.
M7 provides you with the right shooting locations that suit your business whether for indoor or outdoor shots:

Indoor Shooting

Indoor shooting or “Interior photography” is done in a closed environment such as specialist studios or even sometimes a studio designed especially for the required photography. Indoor shooting often provides solutions suitable for the nature of the work and its budget, but it is very important to manage the light in an excellent way, adding the correct insulation, providing visual and acoustic effects, and ensure a harmonious decoration.

Outdoor Shooting

Outdoor shooting or “Exterior photography” is more challenging and exciting due to the natural outside influences that cannot be controlled often. It depends on the right moment to photograph, where there is a difficulty to control the sources of light and surrounding noise, completely.

Locations Gallery

We offer you a variety of options for indoor and outdoor shooting sites, where you should choose the right locations that meet the needs of the director and give the desired effect and give a strong impression of the work.