Other Services
Production requirements vary according to the type of work to be performed, and therefore the need for many secondary services is needed, but even, it remains important to carry out the work in an integrated manner.
M7 offers a number of additional services that help cover the needs and enrich work.


While there are many ideas to turn it into a movie, co-production if properly structured can be a veritable process towards getting the movie made.
M7 Media help gettıng the message across, M7 present co-production services in the manner of development, finance, production and in distribution of a film.

Editorial Services

Scriptwriting is a diverse field, where scripts for stage, screen, or an interactive media are distinct from each other and from any other form of written communication.
M7 editorial services provide expert professionals who will polish the scripts to its best quality, and make it ready for submission to publication.

New Media

Creating new media platforms and getting a digital presence is only a start, so what next.
M7 Media provides effective services to ensure credibility and reputation for your brand or institution to have a great and positive awareness,

Events Setup

M7 Media offer a wide range of creative, administrative, and logistical services to facilitate the successful execution of your program, conference or event through every step of planning and implementation.